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Sunshine Walk





People ask me how long I’ve been making art…My answer is, “as long as I can remember.”  As a kid, there were boxes of watercolors, crayons, pastels and colored pencils within easy reach. Every subject and media interested me, whether it was designing my prom dress or illustrating the anatomy of a frog… Nothing has changed in my passions…just my subject matter!

I always knew that art opened worlds to me ….it provided me with opportunities, and as an adult art has enriched my life and my travel. I see things in ways no one else does, and I notice things I would never have seen before without painting…. Being taught art was a start, but until I put in my thousand hours, colors, shapes, contours were never so clear. Expressive loose brushstrokes allow me to create that AH HA factor…. that little part of a painting that meets the viewer head on and says, “look at me!!”  They are sometimes rough, and never smooth.  The colors are vibrant and expressive.  It is through these colors that I reach out and invite my viewer to come along with me!  Painting coastal birds, fish, and every kind of animal are my favorites…As I paint them the memories come back and reward me with an instant replay!                                                                            

Painting is a journey…it’s never done with you. It constantly expects an upheaval, a new realization, a new way of meeting the canvas with your brush…I am no longer satisfied with just painting what I see…I paint what I FEEL…the smells I can remember, the colors…The images are more than an illustration ..they are a map of a journey…recollections…a once in a life time trip…a walk to the edge of the water and spotting a fish looking for dinner…Each painting tells a story…each is ME.  Each is authentic.

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